California Love

Oh man!  It has been a long minute since I have been to California!  As most of you know I was born in Napa and spent a lot of time hanging around San Francisco in my twenties, so needless to say I am very excited to be going back!  This time we (my wife and some of our close friends) will be headed to sunny San Diego.  I am very excited for this for four reasons:

1) The Weather!  Come on! As someone who struggles with running in the the dampness of the PNW, running in a shirt and shorts makes me more excited than I probably should be!  I'm going to try to hit up some local running stores and pick their brains for the project my wife and I are starting - Aventura Running Company

2) The Music!  It has been a while since I have traveled to simply listen to local music and not partake in playing.  I am looking forward to hearing all sorts of genres and getting to know some of the local musicians too! 

3) The Food!  The fact that we will be in San Diego on Cinco De Mayo makes me smile.  My goal is to consume tacos for all three meals of the day on Cinco and it makes me super stoked that we will be able to get some authentic Mexican food!  Plus we will be about 45 min from Tijuana hmmmmmm....

4) The Beer!  We have been sooooooo lucky to have become friends with Ryan and Lacie Thompson this last year.  They own an amazing Tap Room in Gresham Oregon, The Growler Garage, so we are letting them be our beer tour guides. We are ready to enjoy some brews with some amazing friends at some amazing breweries!  One I am very excited to go to is Saint Archer Brewing.  They are a great mix of creative folks over there that happen to make some tasty beer.  It also just so happens to be their three year anniversary! 

Well with that said the TO DO list before we leave is in full force! So back to it! I look forward to posting some pics and writing from sunny San Diego! 





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