The Will Coca Weekly Vol. 1


Welcome to the first ever issue of "The Will Coca Weekly," creative name I know!  But this will be my weekly rant about some things i'm really into right now. each week i'll choose 3 things to share with you. OK LETS GO! 




Honestly, I do not remember how I found these guys, but holy crap these guys are good! These boys are from South Africa and have a crazy mix of Radiohead, Alt J, but melodic like MUSE. The percussion is insane and it is filled with jangly guitar parts (think Paul Simon Graceland) which I LOVE!  The lead singer has a James Mercerish (The Shins) type voice but  can lean it in during the choruses.  I really like this track and it will be pumping on my iPhone this Spring/Summer for sure!  The title track from this album is pretty amazing as well.




Lately we have been witness to advertisement colliding with creative film making.  The fellas over at The Farm League have been on the forefront of just that!  Not only do they do feature films (180 South), they have been able to do branding films for the Companies they believe in.  Headed by the eldest of the Malloy Brothers, Chris, the stories they tell through the films they make are incredible. This Gerber ad not only sold me on my new knife but made me smile to see Jeff Johnson featured in this film as well. 




Now I know I live in one of the best cities to have a microbrew in so options are plenty, but since they opened Base Camp, it has always been at the top of my list. their creativity with how they market their product and how awesome their atmosphere is makes it a must stop in Portland. If you have not tried their WIT it is amazingly easy to drink.  If you can't make it to the brewery, get some bombers or cans of Base Camp to pack in and pack out from up the mountain.  Believe me your legs will thank you! I will leave you with their own words:

"We care about the consistency, quality, and freshness of our beers.  Our choice of packaging helps ensure that each brew is representative of this. "

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