Tools Of Your Trade

 Denali and I slugging through some training.

Denali and I slugging through some training.

If you know me, you know I like to make videos, take photos, make music, and run and be outside.  Diving into any project that has to do with any of these genres of being creative (yes, running is being creative) is always a bit frightening at first. I usually start by taking inventory of myself and what I need to accomplish the task at hand.  For instance, with running I have become less.. hmmm, how to put it... needym yea needy is a good word.  I use to be so concerned with gear and only did certain things a certain way, which got me to some cool places but I don't know if I actually enjoyed the process. So now I take inventory of what I need first, with the assumption that I should always be ready roll!  So, knowing what I have and having what I need is essential because then its just moving into motion, that's it.  I am less concerned about all the fluff and more interested in the story behind the project.  Same goes with taking photos or making videos, I am less of photographer and more of a story teller but I know what I have and how I can make it happen with what is in my possession, and the same goes with music.  

I guess the big change for me has been the inertia.  It's not about the stuff or the status but rather the confidence to be able to say, "Yea , let's go I got this."  That attitude can make you fearless in an instance.  I am lucky enough to have a small but awesome group of friends that understand this attitude and share it with me so putting myself in that environment makes it a more consistence effort.  Trimming the fat and getting away from the things that can pull you back is a big step.  So know your tools of your trade and throw away the rest.  All that is left is for you to be awesome!  BOOM!



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