The Wide View

Smith Rock, Oregon

Smith Rock, Oregon

So the thing with me is that I am always chasing something.  Ask anyone who knows me and they will say I try not to be the same for too long. What I mean by that is I try to not let anything or place define who I am.  Now that has led me to not really set any roots down, but the thought of being somewhere or someone scared the shit out of me, until now.  The more time goes by the more I am able to take a look outside of the focal point of my life. When time slows down I find myself really going macro on the harvest of the last 32 years. These days I am less concerned of what defines me but rather of how I define my days on this earth.  Now, I have failed and failed hard.  I have bad years and good years and years I wish I could forget.  But lately I am realizing that when you take inventory of what you hold on to you can choose what you carry on with to the next day.  

So as the new year has already kicked into gear and the traces of the last year that kicked my ass are fading away into memories, I realize that it's time to start defining how I live my days here.  I have had second chances in life, I have faced death face to face and I have had the opportunity to be loved and love and I have been forgotten or written off by some.  But everyday I get a reset and I get to let go and continue the chase. The chase to live life, to learn new things and face fears., to be create and to fail all over gain.  I do not want to watch life, I want to participate, every single day. I want to be part of the wide view not just the focal point.  


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